Ed Tamplin

Ed Tamplin has achieved worldwide recognition for his research and predictive work on world events. This involved the study of current events nationally and internationally, encompassing national and world leaders and critical developments in their countries, seen through the perspective of history. Ed’s predictive success includes timing the Global Financial Crises to the week and Kevin Rudd’s ascension to national leadership before he was even opposition leader. Ed’s two-hour astrology segment, heard every Saturday night on 2GB’s Steve Murphy show for ten years, became Sydney’s top rating radio program in its time slot. He has a client base that extends to the USA where his works are frequently published. Between consultations and a busy media schedule, Ed provides lectures, teaches at the Sirius School of Astrology and maintains the website www.EdTamplin.com.

Ed is a panelist on The Stars Behind The Stars.

Ed Tamplin  Ed Tamplin