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Expert knowledge, made relatable: unveiling astrological insights with clarity.

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Practical courses: use astrology as a tool for unlocking your life purpose and healing.

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Dive into your life story: gain clarity, insight and achieve healing to move forward freely.

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Discovering your money story

Creating connections

Making healthy choices

Engaging in compelling conversations

As seen in

As seen in

Astrology is a tool available to us to learn about ourselves and our world. Our birth chart holds the key to living a purposeful life. If you feel like there is more to life, you’re right. Are you ready to unlock your life purpose?

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What our clients say

The first astrology reading Penny gave me 10 years ago was the best reading I have ever had and the second reading she gave me more recently did not disappoint. It was straight on point and helped me crystallise where I am going, what I want, and what might be in the way that needs to be looked at and transformed so I can step into being the person I’m meant to be.

So grateful Penny has such a wonderful gift and deep knowledge that shines through in her readings.

James, Byron Bay

Penny delivered a very timely presentation that captured the attention of our members during our first ever online meeting. She was clearly well prepared and her presentation was stunning. Penny showed herself to be an engaging and accessible speaker, who regularly interacted with attendees throughout the presentation. She was an entertaining storyteller who encouraged, and also challenged, our attendees in their thinking and approach.

We enjoyed her presentation so much, we’ve booked her in again!

Sydney Astrological Research Society

I received so much clarity from my reading with Penny. It has given me a renewed sense of understanding about my life, my journey, what I’m here to do and what I’m here to overcome and learn. I feel like I have a road map for my life through understanding myself via Penny’s astrology reading. Highly recommend it for anyone wanting to navigate a more purposeful path.

Sonja, Melbourne

Obstacles do not block the path. They are the path.

Zen proverb

The birth chart

We each have an individual birth chart. Think of it as a personal map for your own life. Through astrology we can decode your birth chart to reveal unique insights into key life events, relationships, your life purpose and more. For every question you have, there is an answer to be found behind the stars.

Are you ready to discover what your birth chart will reveal to you?

To create your unique birth chart, we need the following information:

  • Date of birth (including the year)
  • Place of birth (town/suburb)
  • Time of birth (to the minute)