3 spiritual gifts & lessons to realise your potential

We all have the opportunity to develop a much deeper connection to ourselves and others. There is an ancient tool that holds the key to this connection. This tool tells the story of your life, offers an explanation for your past experiences, and suggests your potential. It also allows you to discover the spiritual gifts and lessons of your life.

This information becomes available to you when you choose to explore the energy you’ve been born into. You can even learn how to shift this energy so it starts to work for you. You need these birth details to undertake the process:

  • Date of birth (including the year)
  • Time of birth (to the minute)
  • Place of birth (town/suburb, not hospital name)

Your birth details are a map of the heavens at the moment of birth from the perspective of your place on Earth. It’s as though you’ve come out of your mother’s womb with a camera and pointed it straight up at the heavens and taken a photo. You’ve captured a moment in time from your perspective and this information forms your birth chart and tells the story of your life.

In case you haven’t caught on yet, the ancient tool I’m talking about is astrology. I’m not referring to horoscopes, which are often considered to be a bit of light entertainment, I’m talking about the real astrology. When you’re working with your birth chart, you are dealing with the real astrology.

The ancient tool of astrology continues to be relevant today because astrology is not dependent on any astronomical model to work. Astrology works because your birth chart is based upon your perspective, just like your life is based on your perspective.

If you’re willing to give astrology a go, you can receive insights into your life and other people’s lives that you just can’t get from anywhere else. A birth chart reading can be tremendously healing and take you on your own personal journey of restoration.

The guidance and direction on offer via the birth chart can help you develop a deeper connection with yourself, restore your self-belief, and encourage you to realise your potential. These are some of the energies you’re living with…

  1. The sun sign. The star sign that you know so well through horoscopes is actually your sun sign. It is the sign the sun was in at the moment of you birth. The sun placement in your birth chart highlights the area you are being asked to focus on in this lifetime with the aim of mastering this energy. This focus leads to the development of your identify and purpose. The birth chart allows you to explore this energy in a safe way and work out what is being asked of you. What do you think you need to master in this lifetime? Have you identified the clues for fulfilling your purpose?
  2. The moon sign. You don’t just have a sun sign, you also have a moon sign in your birth chart. The moon placement in your birth chart highlights how you can find nourishment and support as you work towards fulfilling your purpose. But it’s also an area where you can be very sensitive, which can work against you depending on the circumstances. Either way, when you become aware of the energy you’ve been born into, you can make it work better for you. Are you getting the nourishment that you need to fulfil your purpose? How can you find greater support so you can truly flourish?
  3. The ascendant sign. There are many more energies within the birth chart to explore, including the ascendant sign. The ascendant refers to the sign that was rising over the horizon at the moment of your birth. This sign describes your personality, appearance, and the first impression you make. It is also the sign that horoscopes are based on (although this isn’t commonly known!). It is this energy that other people see in you before they get to know you properly. It can support the other energies that you’re living with (as described in your birth chart) or be in conflict and, therefore, not appropriately represent you. Are you aware of the first impression you make? Do you need to shift this energy to make it work better for you?

These are just a few areas where your birth chart can help you better understand yourself and everyone you interact with. You can choose to explore the spiritual gifts and lessons of your experiences so you can better process past events and move forward in a healthier way. Alternatively, you may choose to explore a current event or relationship to develop an understanding of its purpose in your life. Your birth details hold the clues and facilitate the answers.

To find a deeper connection with yourself, I encourage you explore the guidance and direction on offer through your birth details. I promise it will reveal more about you and your experiences than you possibly imagine. You can even use the information to realise your potential.