Astrology in business

J.P. Morgan famously said, ‘millionaires don’t have astrologers, billionaires do’. This is such a well-known statement amongst the astrology community but when I mention this to non-astrology friends they have never heard it before. Why would they have?

Astrology seems to be an underground activity because people wrongly believe it has been discredited. It did fall out of favour for a few specific reasons but it has never been disproven. If you’re interested in learning about one of the reasons astrology fell out of favour, check out this snippet of my presentation ‘Why astrology fell out of favour’.

Because of this misunderstanding, those that use astrology in the business world keep this activity under wraps. They believe they can’t risk having their reputation compromised by using such a frowned upon tool, yet they do use it and do very well out of it. Just like J.P. Morgan.

Considering the fact that there are several major historical figures who were also astrologers, it’s not something we should be hiding but instead embracing. These people include Carl Jung, Galileo, William Shakespeare, Hippocrates, and Leonardo Di Vinci. Are you surprised to hear that these people were astrologers? I assume so considering their association with astrology has been hidden from public view. We take these well-known people seriously yet not the astrology side of their experience. But I think it should be. Because I can guarantee that you don’t become an astrologer and not have it impact every part of your life and the way you think.

Despite astrology being an underground activity, it continues to be used in business today…because it works. It’s just not spoken about publicly. But there are indications of astrology being used within very well-known organisations. Rumour has it that Apple have an astrologer on their payroll whose job it is to work out the best time to launch their products. I think that’s very smart thinking on their behalf.

Do you use astrology as a tool for making strategic decisions in your business? Do you know of anyone that does? I would love to hear about this if you do. The decision to explore astrology within a business context takes courage but provides you with a strategic advantage you can’t get from anywhere. If you have taken this courageous step, I would love to hear your success stories.

Speaking of success stories… I find it very interesting that nowhere on the J.P Morgan website do they mention that their namesake worked with astrology to build their business and increase wealth. This business exists today because of the astrological guidance J.P. Morgan (the person) received yesterday. What could you accomplish by using astrology in your business?