About us

The Stars Behind The Stars is the home of astrology behind celebrities. We make astrology accessible and relatable through celebrity stories. Our approach is singular: we present key life events as opportunities ripe with transformative potential. We deliver interactive workshops, insightful consultations and engaging presentations.

We specialise in facilitating personal growth, using astrology to reveal your life purpose, heal parental wounds, seek financial growth opportunities, enhance relationships and foster choices in alignment with your true calling. Whether you have questions around relationships, fertility or business, we can provide the clarity you seek. Our sessions are transformative, offering profound insights into your life which can only be revealed when working with the stars.

What started as a TV pilot has expanded into an astrology consultancy and podcast appreciated by listeners world-wide. Our founder and resident expert astrologer is Penny Walters.

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About Penny Walters

Penny Walters is an expert Australian astrologer drawing on over two decades of dedicated practice. Creator of ‘The Stars Behind The Stars’ TV pilot, Penny has appeared on Australian television, including being featured on Channel 7’s The Morning Show. Penny has engaged with diverse audiences, from being a guest on a business podcast, presenting research to her peers, to producing her own podcast.

As a respected voice in astrology, Penny has contributed to the Astrology Association of NSW, Tarot Guild of Australia, and the book ‘Pregnancy Virgin’. Her background in film, television and radio – including roles as Creative Director and producer – complement her astrological expertise.

With 14 years experience in adult learning, Penny has an innate ability to transform complex astrological concepts into clear, actionable insights. Her expertise makes astrology a practical and accessible tool for use in our daily life. Every course, presentation and personal consultation is designed to be engaging and enriching, tailored to educate and empower individuals to navigate life’s challenges with renewed clarity and purpose.

Penny’s unique approach focuses on the individual and their unique story as revealed through their birth chart or personal map. Her innate gift for marrying the mystical with the practical makes for the perfect combination to reveal connections and achieve clarity for clients on a profound level that makes an immediate positive impact to their lives.

Our values


We bring the ancient wisdom of astrology into the modern world.


We take you on a journey of self-discovery to find your purpose.


We make astrology accessible through real-world stories.


We combine adult education and celebrity to find spiritual enlightenment.


We guide you along the challenging path of spiritual growth.


We take a practical approach to deliver the benefits of astrology.

My motivations as an astrologer

Penny is driven to provide guidance to clients who seek clarification about their own life experience. She is dedicated to offering profound insights that can only be revealed through astrology. Penny’s approach sees astrology being used as a practical tool for healing, growth and navigating through life’s complexities.

Penny believes that our encounters and experiences are not mere coincidences, rather part of a deliberate journey mapped out for us at the moment of our birth. Every challenge we face in life offers a gift and lesson to us, if we are open to recognising and embracing it. With her expertise, Penny deciphers your birth chart to reveal actionable insights that can guide your life’s path.

The Morning Show

Penny Walters appeared on Channel 7’s The Morning Show to discuss Tom Cruise, Kate Middleton, Prince William, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

What our clients say

I received so much clarity from my reading with Penny. It has given me a renewed sense of understanding about my life, my journey, what I’m here to do and what I’m here to overcome and learn. I feel like I have a road map for my life through understanding myself via Penny’s astrology reading. Highly recommend it for anyone wanting to navigate a more purposeful path.

Sonja, Melbourne

I had an insightful birth chart reading with Penny. She is passionate and clear in her communication and has a very calming influence. She gave me insights into motherhood (including knowing exactly the day my twins would be born), my business and relationships. I found it really helpful and beneficial. I would definitely recommend Penny to anyone looking for clarity and momentum for the future.

Laura, Sydney

If you’ve ever doubted the relevance of astrology, you have to get a reading with Penny! My reading was full of ‘ah-ha’ moments as she led me through my birth chart, giving me insights into my most entrenched patterns and behaviours. Loads of laughs and a few cringes! I came away with pages of notes and a checklist of really tangible things that I can (and need to) do to let go of habits that have been holding me back, and move towards my goals. Thanks, Penny!!