Alec Baldwin and the Rust movie set shooting

I delivered a presentation at the October 2022 meeting for the Astrology Association of NSW that included a case study about Alec Baldwin and the Rust movie set shooting. In this presentation, I predicted that Alec Baldwin would have a legal case to answer when Mars turned direct in mid-January 2023 (when transiting Mars turned direct). I will share with you how I came to this conclusion and what the future holds for Alec Baldwin.

But first, a reminder of this event:

Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was fatally shot and director Joel Souza was injured on the set of the film Rust when a live round was discharged from a revolver used as a prop gun by actor Alec Baldwin.

The event occurred on 21 October 2021.

I researched Alec Baldwin’s birth chart to find the story of this event. The symbolism in the birth chart shows our potential in this lifetime – both positive and negative manifestations. How was this event symbolised in Alec Baldwin’s birth chart? What role does this event play in Alec Baldwin’s learning pathway (life path)? How does it contribute to his life purpose?

These are the birth details for Alec Baldwin:

  • Date of birth: 3 April 1958
  • Time of birth: 11.07am
  • Place of birth: Massapequa, New York

Here is his birth chart:

There are several key points about Alec Baldwin’s birth chart that collectively indicate this event occurring and the significant ramification he is now living through. I will go through a selection of these here:

Sun in Aries in the 10th house with Mars in Aquarius in the 8th house

Alec Baldwin has his sun in Aries in the 10th house. Aries represents being reckless, it also represents guns. Combining this placement with his Mars in Aquarius in the 8th house suggests that there is the potential for his reckless behaviour to result in the death of someone.

Transiting Mars retrograde in the 12th house

We were in the shadow period of the Mars retrograde cycle at the time of my presentation (8 October 2022). As Mars is the ruling planet of Alec Baldwin’s sun in Aries, anything Mars is doing has an impact on him. Mars was preparing to go retrograde in his 12th house. This was one of the indications that he may have a battle on his hands to stay out of jail. I did suggest during the presentation that when Mars turned direct (in mid-January 2023) he’ll have a case to answer and a battle to fight.

Venus conjunct Chiron in Aquarius in the 8th house

This placement can indicate the shock death of a woman at some stage in Alec Baldwin’s life. The potential for this event coming to life is sitting in his birth chart and, although it could have manifest in another way, it has manifest in this very serious way.

Uranus in Leo in the 1st house

Alec Baldwin has Uranus in Leo in the 1st house which indicates someone who is unpredictable and walks to the beat of their own drum. Combining this placement with the self-absorption of his sun in Aries in the 10th house makes him a hard person to control.

Stellium between Jupiter in Libra and the North Node and Neptune in Scorpio

The North Node talks about our soul’s purpose in this lifetime, where we are supposed to go to find our greatest growth. An eclipse was due to trigger this placement a couple of weeks after my presentation and this suggested to me that there was more to play out around this event. It wasn’t going to be over any time soon. As Neptune talks about jail and Jupiter is about finding meaning and purpose, an eclipse to this placement was another indication to me that Alec Baldwin may end up spending some time in jail. Should Alec Baldwin spend time in jail, and I believe there is a strong possibility he will, it will be the place where he finds meaning and purpose in a way he would never have imagined.

Progressed Sun entering the 12th house

At the time of the incident, Alec Baldwin’s progressed Sun was at the exact same minute as his 12th house cusp. His progressed Sun was about to enter the 12th house. The transition of his sun into the 12th house can talk about him being shunned or moving out of the spotlight. It can also suggest jail. Although Alec Baldwin had recently finalised a deal with the cinematographer’s husband, this placement indicated to me that this story wasn’t nearing its end. Instead, we were only at the beginning.

Progressed Mars at 29 degrees Pisces conjunct the MC

Why did this event happen when it did? Because Alec Baldwin had his progressed Mars at 29 degrees of Pisces conjuncting his midheaven. Progressed Mars was due to enter Aries in November (a month after my presentation) and this indicated that he probably has a fight on his hands to stay out of jail.

Transiting Uranus squaring natal Mars

Transiting Uranus (unexpected events) squaring natal Mars (guns) was occurring at the time of the event. With such a strong Aries and Mars influence already in Alec Baldwin’s chart, this is not the time to be handling guns. But you need an astrologer to tell you that in advance.

Progressed Mercury ruling Gemini on his 12th house changing sign

Mercury rules his 12th house of jail and it had just progressed into another sign (Gemini) at the time of the event. This indicates a new cycle around his 12th house energy. So he’s not at the end of a story, he’s at the beginning of a 12th house themed story.

The potential for Alec Baldwin to accidentally kill someone with a gun has been sitting in his birth chart this whole time waiting for the placements to be triggered. It was just time for the story to come to life and change the trajectory of his life.

This event is what I call a learning event along his learning pathway (life path). It’s training him for what he’s supposed to do and who he’s supposed to become in this lifetime.

As challenging as this time may be for him, there are still gifts and lessons to be found in the experience. What do you think they might be for Alec Baldwin? What gifts and lessons can you find for yourself from this event?

Here is an edited version of the Alec Baldwin case study from my presentation:

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