Business Astrology

Astrological intelligence for business success

Astrology is not just a tool – it’s your strategic ally to make better business decisions. It goes beyond the surface, offering a profound look from the inside out, guiding you towards success. Whether starting a business, running for election or entering into a high-stakes deal, astrology reveals the perfect approach and timing to manifest the best possible outcomes for you. We challenge you to look at the unique perspective astrology provides, to discover profound insights geared towards opportunities for success and abundance.

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Key benefits:

  • Strategic timing – Determine advantageous times to launch products, start new projects, enter into business deals or hold an election.
  • Risk mitigation – Leverage the foresight of astrology to gain insight into challenges and opportunities allowing you to prepare and adapt strategies for success.
  • Enhanced decision making – Gain clarity from expert astrological interpretation to inform the decision making process.
  • Leadership development – Discover a better understanding of yourself through a birth chart exploration to facilitate personal development for more effective leadership.
  • Success optimisation – Align business activities with astrological insights to maximise potential for success and abundance.
  • Recorded sessions – All consultations are recorded enabling easy reference and reflection at your fingertips.

Who can benefit from a Business Astrology consultation?

A Business Astrology consultation with Penny is ideal if you:

  • desire deep insights to make superior strategic business decisions
  • want to pinpoint optimal times for key business activities
  • are a progressive business leader seeking a competitive advantage against competitors
  • want to obtain insights so you can plan ahead
  • want to know the most beneficial time to start your business or hold an election.

How it works

Did you know your business has a birth chart? Penny delves into your personal and business birth charts, interpreting them to present powerful insights that you won’t find anywhere else. During a business astrology consultation with Penny, you’ll learn about the actions to take to achieve the growth you’re striving for in your career or business. You’ll have deep-seated insights to elevate your professional life.

Business Astrology expert

Penny Walters is an expert Australian astrologer with over two decades of experience to draw upon. Through her expertise, Penny makes astrology a pragmatic and accessible tool to benefit business leaders and entrepreneurs. Her innate gift for marrying the mystical with the practical creates the perfect combination to offer transformational insights to her clients through her business astrology consultations. Clients receive a profound level of clarity which translates to an immediate and positive impact on their lives and business.

Your needs are unique, just like your business. Please complete the Business Astrology consultation form and outline the help you need. We will come back to you with a proposal and associated fee.

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We require these birth details for you personally plus for your business. We’re after the details of when you registered your business with ASIC and, if possible, when you opened the doors of your business.

If you’re not sure of your time of birth to the minute, please provide an estimated range for example between 6:30 am and 7am. If you’re unsure of your time of birth, please indicate this so Penny can make some adaptations for you.

Terms of Engagement: Penny requires a minimum of a week to prepare for your consultation and requires all requested birth details for yourself and your business as part of the booking finalisation process. You’ll also need to review and accept our Terms of Business to proceed with the booking.

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    Thank you for choosing Penny Walters for your astrology consultation. By making a payment and appointment with Penny, you agree to the terms of this document.

    Acknowledgement. You acknowledge and agree that: (i) Astrology consultations are subjective. Real life outcomes vary depending on numerous factors. Penny does not guarantee that you will achieve any outcomes as a result of a consultation. (ii) It is up to you to act or not act on any information provided to you at a consultation. Penny is not liable for any actions taken or not taken by you; or if things do not turn out as predicted or suggested, or otherwise from anything in connection with a consultation. (iii) Penny's consultation may include: astrology, tarot, numerology or other esoteric practices – depending on the circumstances, as she considers appropriate at the time.

    Bookings & Fees. (i) Payment must be paid in full in advance. An appointment is confirmed only once payment has been received. (ii) Monthly retainers must be paid in advance; (iii) Once received, payments are not refundable. (iii) Appointments can be rescheduled up to 48 hours prior to the date of the booking. After this time, rescheduling is at Penny's discretion and any payments received will not be refunded.

    Governing law. These terms are governed by the laws of New South Wales, Australia.

    What our clients say

    I received so much clarity from my reading with Penny. It has given me a renewed sense of understanding about my life, my journey, what I’m here to do and what I’m here to overcome and learn. I feel like I have a road map for my life through understanding myself via Penny’s astrology reading. Highly recommend it for anyone wanting to navigate a more purposeful path.