Fertility Astrology

Guiding your path to parenthood through astrology

Start your journey to parenthood with a guiding hand. If challenges with conception have left you with questions, fertility astrology can provide both clarity and direction. Discover potential health and psychological barriers in your path as well as opportune windows to conceive, including through IVF. The path to parenthood is not always straightforward, let astrology help you on your way.

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Key benefits:

  • Truly unique insights – Uncover exclusive astrological guidance tailored to your journey towards having a child.
  • Identifying obstacles to conception – We take an inside out approach to shine a light on any health or psychological concerns which could be preventing you from conceiving and giving birth.
  • Optimal time for conception – Leverage the wisdom in your birth chart to identify prime conception windows whether naturally or through assisted methods.
  • An expert approach – Using modern Western astrology, Penny brings an empathetic touch to revelations found in your birth chart and guides you with care and pragmatism.
  • Strategic IVF Planning – Make information decisions around the best times to proceed with treatment, potentially saving you time and financial resources.
  • Recorded sessions – All consultations are recorded, enabling easy reference and reflection at your fingertips.

Who can benefit from fertility astrology?

A Fertility Astrology consultation with Penny is ideal if you:

  • are preparing to start your pregnancy journey
  • have encountered challenges in conceiving
  • want to know when to attempt conception
  • are seeking the best timing for IVF treatment
  • desire to expand your family but are facing obstacles
  • have experienced difficulties in sustaining pregnancies to term.

How it works

Penny delves into your birth chart and presents powerful insights that address fertility challenges and optimal timings for conception. During a comprehensive 60-minute session, you’ll learn practical strategies to navigate these obstacles.

Consultations occur in person in Sydney’s inner west or via Zoom.

Fertility Astrology expert

Penny Walters is an expert Australian astrologer with over two decades of experience to draw upon. Through her expertise, Penny makes astrology a pragmatic and accessible tool to benefit our daily life. Her innate gift for marrying the mystical with the practical creates the perfect combination to offer transformational insights to her clients through her personalised astrology consultations. Clients receive a profound level of clarity which translates to an immediate and positive impact on their lives.

Book a Fertility Astrology consultation


  • Individual: $660
  • Couples: $825

You need to submit the following birth details for yourself, or yourself and your partner, to proceed with the booking:

  • Date of birth (including the year)
  • Place of birth (town/suburb)
  • Time of birth (to the minute)

If you’re not sure of your time of birth to the minute, please provide an estimated range for example between 6:30 am and 7am. If you’re unsure of your time of birth, please indicate this so Penny can make some adaptations for you.

Terms of Engagement: Penny requires a minimum of a week to prepare for your consultation and requires all requested birth details as part of the booking finalisation process. You’ll also need to review and accept our Terms of Business to proceed with the booking.

What our clients say

I had an insightful birth chart reading with Penny. She is passionate and clear in her communication and has a very calming influence. She gave me insights into motherhood (including knowing exactly the day my twins would be born), my business and relationships. I found it really helpful and beneficial. I would definitely recommend Penny to anyone looking for clarity and momentum for the future.