Consult the stars: astrology for growth and guidance

Astrology offers a new way to view your life and gain an understanding about yourself, your relationships, career and more. If you are in search of answers about your life, let astrology be your guide. Each consultation is unique to you, revealing how your life experiences are gifts and lessons full of transformative potential. Penny interprets your birth chart to draw to the surface the wisdom contained within, revealing insights that promote healing, personal growth and professional expansion. If you’re ready to live a life aligned with your true purpose, book a consultation today.

An astrology consultation with Penny is a unique experience that enables you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your place in the world. There are several consultations available for you to choose from. Review the options to decide which one best meets your needs.

We require your birth details to create your personal birth chart for the consultation:

  • Date of birth (including the year)
  • Place of birth (town/suburb)
  • Time of birth (to the minute)

These details are needed to finalise your booking with Penny.

We can’t wait to support your personal or professional goals through astrology.

What our clients say

The first astrology reading Penny gave me 10 years ago was the best reading I have ever had and the second reading she gave me more recently did not disappoint. It was straight on point and helped me crystallise where I am going, what I want, and what might be in the way that needs to be looked at and transformed so I can step into being the person I’m meant to be. So grateful Penny has such a wonderful gift and deep knowledge that shines through in her readings.

James, Byron Bay

If you’ve ever doubted the relevance of astrology, you have to get a reading with Penny! My reading was full of ‘ah-ha’ moments as she led me through my birth chart, giving me insights into my most entrenched patterns and behaviours. Loads of laughs and a few cringes! I came away with pages of notes and a checklist of really tangible things that I can (and need to) do to let go of habits that have been holding me back, and move towards my goals. Thanks, Penny!!

Sam, Sydney

Penny is extremely gifted, passionate and committed to helping people understand themselves and how they can have a truly amazing life. Her astrology insights have had an amazing impact on my personal development journey.