Learning Your Life Purpose Through Astrology

Your answers are behind the stars.

Saturday 13th January 2024
10am to 1pm
Drummoyne Wellness Clinic

Unit 1/220 Lyons Rd
Drummoyne NSW 2047


All of us have a unique life mission. Some of us find it with ease, while others are in constant search for that elusive clarity.  If you resonate with the latter, envision a reality where this struggle melts away, revealing a path that is uniquely yours.

Astrology provides this path, a personal map which is given to each of us in the form of a birth chart. Grasping what it means can be challenging, this is where Penny steps in. In this workshop, you will decode your birth chart and dive into key life events on your learning pathway (life path) which define us. We’ll also explore celebrity stories to bring it all to life.

Key benefits & learning outcomes

You will learn how to:

  • Decode your birth chart to reveal your unique life purpose
  • Change your perspective on key life events to discover the gifts and lessons
  • Explore astrology as a practical tool for personal growth

In this workshop, you will discover the foundations of your birth chart, which is your key to living a purposeful life. You will be exposed to a truly unique approach to learning about yourself through astrology. You will soon see that astrology is more than horoscopes – it’s a practical tool that can be used to reveal your life purpose. By the end of the workshop, you’ll have insights that empower you to take action to cultivate the life you’re meant to lead.

Contrary to popular belief, our life purpose isn’t always a grand spectacle. It can be very simple and it can be more than one thing! In fact, it is often our relationships, learnings, and how we connect to the world that offers us an opportunity to live our life’s purpose. By understanding the defining moments that shape us, we unlock insights that help us grow and evolve.

Our vision for you at the conclusion of this workshop is that you leave with a deeper understanding of yourself, how astrology can be used to heal and a way forward for you to live the life you are capable of.

Workshop agenda

The workshop unfolds in three parts:

Part A

Dive into the foundations of astrology including planets and luminaries, signs, houses and aspects. This section is all about understanding the elements of the birth chart so you can make sense of your own unique personal map!

Part B

Delve into your learning pathway; an analogy for the ups and downs we experience in our life path. Analyse key events that shape us to reveal the gifts they represent. We draw from celebrity stories to demonstrate how these events manifest in their lives and then translate for your personal journey.

Part C

It’s time to reflect upon what you’ve learnt about your unique personal map, your learning pathway and the pivotal events that have prepared you for your purpose in this lifetime. To wrap up, we work out an action plan that outlines your unique life purpose and the active steps you can take to support it.

Who could benefit from this workshop?

Have you ever pondered your life’s deeper meaning? Ever caught yourself thinking what your life purpose is? Do you yearn for a life where you feel truly aligned? This workshop calls those who are in search of more for their life. You don’t need any prior knowledge about astrology to attend this workshop.

Workshop facilitator

A bit about Penny:

Penny is a seasoned astrologer, with over two decades of dedicated practice to draw from. Penny has been featured on Channel 7’s The Morning Show, is the creator of the TV pilot ‘The Stars Behind The Stars’ and produces her own podcast. In addition, Penny has appeared on a business podcast talking about astrology for risk management, has presented research on why astrology fell out of favour and contributed to the book ‘Pregnancy Virgin’. With a background in film, television and media, Penny has worked in various capacities including as a Creative Director and a radio producer.

Penny also possesses 14 years experience in the field of adult learning. She has an innate ability to break down complex information and transform this into accessible and easy-to-understand concepts that are engaging. Astrology can leave us a bit up in the air, using her skillset in adult learning; Penny is able to masterfully bring astrology down to earth so everyday people can understand and benefit from this ancient artform.

This workshop is the culmination of decades of experience and passion. Penny will practically demonstrate how you are able to find your life purpose through astrology. Wouldn’t it be amazing to get validation that you are on the right path or clarity about what you are being called to do in this lifetime? The answers are just a workshop away.

How to register

Ensure that you book by Saturday 6th January 2024 as no registrations are available after this date. This allows for your birth chart to be prepared and printed for you ahead of the workshop.

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      What others say about Penny

      Penny’s passion, expertise and dedication have left a lasting impact on many. Below are some testimonials from clients who have experienced her work firsthand:

      I received so much clarity from my reading with Penny. It has given me a renewed sense of understanding about my life, my journey, what I’m here to do and what I’m here to overcome and learn. I feel like I have a road map for my life through understanding myself via Penny’s astrology reading. Highly recommend it for anyone wanting to navigate a more purposeful path.

      Sonja, Melbourne

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