Develop a deeper understanding of yourself: a journey inward with astrology

Experience the transformative power of astrology first-hand through Penny’s unique approach. Her courses are designed to transcend the expectations of conventional astrology, offering a practical path toward personal development and healing. With over 14 years of expertise in adult learning, Penny presents astrology in an engaging and relatable way for participants.

Penny’s penchant for marrying the mystical with the practical provides participants with important insights into their life’s purpose, relationships, professional goals and pressing life questions. Through interpreting your birth chart, Penny introduces you to a new world of revelations and understanding. With Penny’s expert guidance, you’ll do more than learn; you’ll experience a profound shift in your inner world.

What our clients say

Penny delivered a very timely presentation that captured the attention of our members during our first ever online meeting. She was clearly well prepared and her presentation was stunning. Penny showed herself to be an engaging and accessible speaker, who regularly interacted with attendees throughout the presentation. She was an entertaining storyteller who encouraged, and also challenged, our attendees in their thinking and approach.

We enjoyed her presentation so much, we’ve booked her in again!

Sydney Astrological Research Society

The first astrology reading Penny gave me 10 years ago was the best reading I have ever had and the second reading she gave me more recently did not disappoint. It was straight on point and helped me crystallise where I am going, what I want, and what might be in the way that needs to be looked at and transformed so I can step into being the person I’m meant to be. So grateful Penny has such a wonderful gift and deep knowledge that shines through in her readings.

James, Byron Bay

If you’ve ever doubted the relevance of astrology, you have to get a reading with Penny! My reading was full of ‘ah-ha’ moments as she led me through my birth chart, giving me insights into my most entrenched patterns and behaviours. Loads of laughs and a few cringes! I came away with pages of notes and a checklist of really tangible things that I can (and need to) do to let go of habits that have been holding me back, and move towards my goals. Thanks, Penny!!