Create your own birth chart

You’ve got a birth chart. Every single one of you. Everyone and everything that has even been born has a birth chart. The birth chart is a map of the heavens at the moment of your birth and it describes the potential for your life.

The energy described in your birth chart manifests as events in your life, your own behaviour, your relationships, and even your choice of words.

I recommend you become aware of your birth chart and open yourself to exploring your potential through the lens of astrology. It will change your own perspective of yourself and your life stories. It can help you correlate your challenging experiences with your purpose in this lifetime and lead to the realisation your potential.

There are 3 pieces of information you need to create your birth chart. They are:

  • Date of birth (including the year)
  • Place of birth (town/suburb, not the hospital name)
  • Date of birth (to the minute)

The time of birth is the most difficult piece of information to obtain. Look at your birth certificate for this information (it sometimes is included on the birth certificate amongst the younger generation but keep in mind the time is often rounded up or down so may not be to the minute), check out your baby book, or ask your mum or dad. Remember, it needs to be to the minute.

Here are the steps to create your birth chart:

1. Go to and enter your birth details (ignore the extended settings).

2. Select ‘continue’ and you’ll be taken to your Personal Daily Horoscope.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the hyperlink for ‘View natal chart with transits’.

4. The big circle on the right is your birth chart (select ‘x without transits’ above the chart to remove any excess symbolism).

Your birth chart will probably just look like a lot of weird shapes contained within a circle when you first see it. But those weird shapes are astrology symbols and their placement within the circle and in relation to each other actually describe the stories of your life and your potential for your life. I don’t expect you to know what the symbols mean, that’s something I can work through with you. At this point, let’s just identify the various placements.

Let’s identify the placements in your birth chart:

5. Continuing from above, look to the left of the birth chart for the list of symbols. You’ll see the Sun, Moon, Mercury for example listed in black with the associated symbol on the left of the words (ignore any green text that may be on the far right).

6. Look to the right of the black text and symbols and you’ll see blue text. The blue text starts with a number, is followed by the first 3 letters of a star sign, and then you’ll see more numbers. Pay attention to the 3 letters identifying the star sign. This tells you the sign for a particular placement in your birth chart. For example, in Meghan Markle’s birth chart in the row for the Sun you’ll see Leo is mentioned as the sign. This means that Meghan’s sun sign is in Leo. Keep working your way across the lines to identify the sign for each remaining symbol.

7. Go to the box underneath the list and you’ll see black and blue text. Look to the black text for ‘AC’ and ‘MC’ and the sign associated with each. In this example, the AC is Leo and the MC is Gemini.

We’ll explore what this all means in future articles but for now the aim is to just identify the information. I look forward to helping you explore your potential through the lens of astrology. I expect you’ll discover new possibilities for yourself in the process.