Finding the time of birth/registration for a company

During my podcast episode with a risk management consultancy, I mentioned the way to find out the time of birth/registration for a company. Although I believed the information to be correct at the time, I have since discovered that the time stamp in the ASIC portal only remains for a few minutes after submitting the company registration application. Therefore, unless the time is captured in the moment, it is lost.

But there’s another way to work out the time of birth/registration for a company. It involves working with an astrologer to ‘rectify’ the birth chart. I took the business owner of the risk management consultancy through this process to work out the time of birth/registration for their business. My astrology colleague and numerologist, Dr Neil Hair, joined us for the session. This is the information we had to start with:

Date of birth/registration: 15th January 2013 (the date the application was submitted)

Place of birth/registration: Frenchs Forest (the place from where the application was submitted)

The business owner managed to find a printout of the company registration certificate that came with a time stamp of 4.41pm. This discovery gave us a starting point for rectifying the company birth chart.

There are a few considerations for rectifying the birth chart of a company. These include:

  • Analysing the name of the company as this can provide clues. In this instance, the type of business was represented by the planets Pluto Uranus.
  • Listening to stories about the company as these can disclose astrological influences.
  • Looking at key events in the life of the company and observing the astrological influences at the time.

At the start of the session, the business owner shared a story about their company and the astrological influences coming were the Moon (which is about people) and Chiron (which is about pain or a wound). I expected these to be prominent in the company birth chart.

We continued the rectification process by reviewing some key events for the company and the associated timings. We used these events as validation markers to refine the time. They included:

  • An important program for a large global organisation
  • The invoicing associated with this project
  • The date that payment for this project entered the company’s bank account
  • The business owner registering for a business program they felt was important for the next stage of the company’s journey
  • The business owner starting the business program
  • The rebranding of the company
  • The business owner travelling to the USA to sign a contract with a partner
  • The hiring of two new staff members (at different times)
  • The business owner writing and publishing a book

The business owner’s actions are relevant as she is represented as the leader in the company birth chart (symbolised by the Sun placement).

Neil and I observed the astrological influences at the time of each of these events to determine what was being activated and how. We were looking for an alignment between these events and the astrological placement/s that support such an event. It took us a bit over an hour to work through the process. And once done, we found that the Moon and Chiron were indeed in a prominent position as per my initial suspicions.

The time of birth/registration we were able to determine for the company was 4.30pm – 11 minutes earlier than the time on the printout. The birth chart based on this time accurately describes the company – the past and present but also the future of this company.

Why is it important to get the time accurate? Because a time difference of 11 minutes can equate to a prediction being 3 years off the mark. A rectified time of birth means the predictions and the associated timings are much more accurate. This allows you to make more strategic decisions about the future of your company.

If you don’t know the time of birth/registration for your company, I suggest you undertake the following:

  • Find any clue like a printout or email time stamp for the day of registration that can help narrow down a starting point for working out the time.
  • Share stories about the company, the purpose, mission and vision and the astrologer can identify key influences coming through in your choice of words.
  • Provide key events in the life of the company along with the associated timings for an astrologer to work with.

The business owner and I will be exploring the information contained in the company birth chart in an upcoming podcast. We’ll be looking at what it all means and the future of the organisation as represented through the astrological placements. We hope you can join us.