Welcome to the astrology podcast you didn’t know you needed! In this series, join us and ‘Pregnancy Virgin’ author, Mandy Mauloni, as we traverse motherhood from the astrological perspective. Tune into our stellar six-part series. Subscribe so you won’t miss updates, even when Mercury is retrograde.

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What our podcast guests say

Where to start, the experience I had with Penny was amazing. It was really mind opening! It was the first time I had done anything along the lines of this and honestly, it opened doors to research and learn more! I feel that we need to get to know ourselves better and have our birth chart read, we can improve ourselves in different levels and ways we would not know how too without. I’m truly grateful for this experience and think everyone should take the time and look into this. Thank you Penny! May 2023 bring you all the best!

Samantha Harding

The podcast experience with Penny was eye opening. She provided me with insights about my life I had not considered before and helped to remove confusion about my life and direction. I gained a deeper understanding as to why certain events played out in my life and how they contribute to my life purpose. Penny made the podcast experience engaging and fun while making astrology practical and specific, which is such a rare skill to have. Thank you for having me as a guest, Penny!