Pregnancy Virgin book

Earlier this year, I was invited to contributed to the book Pregnancy Virgin by Mandy Mauloni. Mandy was seeking answers to some astrological questions. These are my answers:

To what degree do star signs impact the mother-child relationship?

Star signs don’t actually impact the mother-child relationship, they instead symbolise and describe the relationship. What you really need to do is look at the birth chart of the mother and child to truly understand the relationship.

I’ll just explain, the birth chart is a map of the heavens at the moment of birth. It is this snapshot that describes the life ahead. It also describes the mother-child relationship. The information you need to create the birth chart is the date of birth (including the year), place of birth (town or suburb) and the time of birth (to the minute).

When you get to know the different placements within each birth chart, you can better understand each person. When you relate the birth charts, you can better understand the relationship and the impact each person has on each other. But the birth chart or star signs don’t impact the mother-child relationship, they symbolise and describe the relationship.

If our child isn’t born under a traditionally ‘compatible’ star sign, is there anything we can do, as mothers, to strengthen our relationship with our child (either during pregnancy or after the birth)?

I first need to explain that when we say our star sign is Taurus (or whatever it might be), we’re actually saying that the Sun was in Taurus at the moment of our birth. We also have a Moon sign, Venus sign, Mercury sign, Mars sign plus several other signs! Each of these placements present an opportunity for connecting with your child and strengthening the relationship.

It’s actually very normal to see different connections between a parent and child other than between Sun signs. For example, the Moon in the mother’s birth chart may connect with the Sun in the child’s chart. This connection could manifest as the child seeing the mother as a nurturing and supportive person in their life. Alternatively, Saturn in a parent’s chart may connect with the child’s Sun and in this instance the child would see the parent as someone who provides structure for them. Flipping this around, Venus in the child’s chart may connect with the parent’s Sun and this can bring harmony to the relationship.

It’s a matter of relating the birth charts between the parent and child to find what astrological connections do exist (there will most likely be several!) and then working with these placements to encourage the best expression of these. There are so many more opportunities to form a connection between a parent and child and strengthen the relationship than just through the Sun signs.