Learning Pathways presentation

Astrological insights for profound transformation

Introducing astrology as a meaningful way to understand the gifts and lessons of your life experiences. We all have a unique life path that is full of triumphs and challenges that shape who we are. We use the analogy of a learning pathway to describe this as we believe these experiences are an opportunity to learn about our life purpose. When challenges strike, it can be difficult to see the potential for growth amidst adversity. This presentation will demonstrate how astrology can help you better understand and learn from your experiences, offering valuable insights and wisdom to empower you to move forward with greater freedom and awareness.

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Key benefits:

Learning principles

  • Practical Astrology – Combining astrology with adult learning principles ensures complex concepts are presented in a practical manner aimed at personal growth and development.
  • Learning Pathway Methodology – Learn about the Learning Event model which is an exploration of the life stories contained within the birth chart for heightened self-awareness.
  • Profound Insights – Develop an understanding into the gifts and lessons behind life’s challenging moments and what they mean for your unique life purpose.
  • Healing Potential – Discover how to practically use astrology to heal from past trauma and move forward more freely.
  • Tailored Presentation – Each presentation is customised to meet your unique requirements.
  • New Opportunities – Gain a new perspective with astrology and discover fresh opportunities, deeper self-understanding and enhanced relationships.

Who can benefit from a Learning Pathways presentation?

A Learning Pathways presentation with Penny is ideal if you:

  • are searching for a way to heal from life’s challenging experiences
  • want to understand the gifts and lessons behind these challenges
  • want to know your life purpose
  • are a reflective person committed to self-development and increased self-awareness
  • want to learn more about astrology as a powerful tool for personal transformation

How it works

Penny will introduce you to a new way of looking at astrology. With this fresh perspective informed by real-world examples, you’ll begin to recognise the gifts and lessons in key life events and understand their role in your journey. Behind every challenging experience is a gift and lesson which ultimately supports our life. Each pivotal moment plays an important role in shaping us and propelling us towards our life purpose.

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Astrology expert

Penny Walters is an expert Australian astrologer with over two decades of experience to draw upon. Penny also possesses 13 years experience in adult learning with an innate ability to blend astrology mastery with real world application. Penny focuses on the individual and their unique story as revealed through their birth chart to provide profound insights and clear guidance for personal growth.

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    What our clients say

    Penny delivered a very timely presentation that captured the attention of our members during our first ever online meeting. She was clearly well prepared and her presentation was stunning. Penny showed herself to be an engaging and accessible speaker, who regularly interacted with attendees throughout the presentation. She was an entertaining storyteller who encouraged, and also challenged, our attendees in their thinking and approach.

    We enjoyed her presentation so much, we’ve booked her in again!