Redefining the stars: presenting a fresh take on astrology
Backed by 14 years in adult education, our expert astrologer Penny speaks to transform. Through her unique approach, Penny bridges the gap between the ancient art of astrology and personal growth. Each presentation is grounded in real-world application meaning that you’re able to see tangible benefits of astrology as an individual as well as on a business level.

Penny has a unique ability to demystify astrological concepts, leaving attendees not just informed, but transformed, and emerging with a clearer understanding of their strengths, challenges and life’s purpose.

Learning Pathways presentation

Are you intrigued by the events that have shaped your life? Have you wondered why these events have occurred? Every interaction and experience is not by chance and you’ll find the answers behind the stars. The key events on our learning pathway (life path) present an opportunity for personal growth and transformation. We use celebrity stories to bring the concept of the learning pathway to life and apply the gifts and lessons across to your life.

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Business astrology presentation

Your key to smarter business decisions. Embark on business ventures with precise timings for launches and activities, as guided by astrology. Business astrology challenges traditional paradigms, unearthing insights that align with real-world events and individual behaviours. Go beneath the surface and elevate your business by using astrology as a tool for success and abundance.

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What our clients say

Penny is extremely gifted, passionate and committed to helping people understand themselves and how they can have a truly amazing life. Her astrology insights have had an amazing impact on my personal development journey.

Donnie, Sydney

Penny delivered a very timely presentation that captured the attention of our members during our first ever online meeting. She was clearly well prepared and her presentation was stunning. Penny showed herself to be an engaging and accessible speaker, who regularly interacted with attendees throughout the presentation. She was an entertaining storyteller who encouraged, and also challenged, our attendees in their thinking and approach.

We enjoyed her presentation so much, we’ve booked her in again!

Sydney Astrological Research Society

I received so much clarity from my reading with Penny. It has given me a renewed sense of understanding about my life, my journey, what I’m here to do and what I’m here to overcome and learn. I feel like I have a road map for my life through understanding myself via Penny’s astrology reading. Highly recommend it for anyone wanting to navigate a more purposeful path.