The birth chart

Astrology is an unusual and highly misunderstood tool but when used properly it can help you in your personal life and business. It can provide insights which you can use to capitalise on your strengths, turn your weaknesses into strengths, tap into your earning potential or find your life purpose.

Although astrology is most commonly known through horoscopes, these are only the tip of the tip of the iceberg. Astrology is a much deeper and more serious tool when you access the birth chart.

A birth chart is a map of the heavens at the moment of your birth. The birth chart tells the story of your life including your talents, the type of work you do, the relationships you experience, and the opportunities available to you.

The symbolism contained within the birth chart describes our potential, our psychology, motivation and obstacles. These obstacles can become more possible to overcome when you understand your options and choose to work with the energy.

Astrology highlights times of opportunity and can help with planning your life or business because you can see when an action will be more supported.

Your personal natal chart can be found by providing some key information…

  • Your date of birth (including the year)
  • Your place of birth (town/suburb)
  • Your time of birth (to the minute)

This combination of information is exclusive to you and therefore creates a birth chart that is personal to you. The more accurate the birth details, the more accurate information you can extract from the birth chart.

Go to to create your own birth chart and then book in to see an astrologer to gain a better understanding of yourself and the possibilities for your life.

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