The birth of Lilibet Diana

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s second child, a daughter called Lilibet Diana, was born on the 4th June 2021 at 11.40am in Santa Barbara, California. I love that these birth details are readily available as it allows me as an astrologer to form a more complete picture of the person and the life ahead.

There are some expected descriptions such as this is someone who will be publicly discussed in the media but not necessarily in a favourable way. They’ll have a supportive friendship with their sibling (Archie) but there will be power struggles. The father is famous but they are not able to express their own status in a healthy way. His mental health issues are public (and so will Lili’s be). Interestingly, Lili’s purpose in this lifetime is connected to her father’s mental health issues.

There is also mention of the controversy over her name. Lily was born with her Sun in Gemini in the 10th house which makes her name famous and of utmost importance. But Mercury as the ruling planet of Gemini is currently travelling backwards and, therefore, not expressing itself well. There is a very clear discomfort around the name. This same placement indicates that the media will play a dominant and difficult role in her life and one she doesn’t fully understand.

But there’s one particular placement that stood out to me immediately that talks about a wound around the mother (Moon conjunct Chiron in Aries in the 8th house). This placement can manifest as the self-inflicted death of the mother. I was already concerned about Meghan Markle’s wellbeing and Lili’s birth chart reiterates that concern. Because the mother is a part of your life, they show through your birth chart. Therefore, Meghan is described in Lili’s birth chart. It is the same for the father, any siblings, relatives, in-laws, friends, the partner and so on. They are all a part of you and therefore are described in your birth chart.

This same placement can play out in a different way though such as the mother is deeply hurt through attacks or there is a wound around the family because of an estrangement. No matter what does happen, this placement in Lili’s chart indicates that she won’t get the mothering she needs and this leaves her deeply wounded. But the self-inflicted death of the mother can’t be dismissed in consideration of what I can see coming up in Prince Harry’s birth chart. Archie’s birth chart also talks about mental instability and a shock loss around the mother.

I don’t think Harry will be successful at breaking the cycle of ‘generic pain’ through what I can see in Lili’s birth chart. If anything, there is a deepening of the pain. The public and controversial words of her parents, Harry and Meghan, will contribute to this. She will need all the courage of her Leo ascendant to face and overcome her life challenges ironically caused by her own parents.