The mental health of Prince Harry

This is the birth chart of Prince Harry. The various astrological placements in his birth chart tell the story of his life and includes the impact his mother’s death on his life. In particular, his Sun in Virgo and Mercury in Virgo both in the 8th house are very strong indicators of the impact that death has had on his mental health and identity. ⁠

We witnessed Prince Harry playing up as a teenager and thought it was funny and that he was just being a wild teenager. But it wasn’t a young man just being a wild teenager. This was a young man in some serious trouble…who wasn’t being taken seriously. Prince Harry was showing us his unresolved trauma and he’s continued to show this to us through his behaviour and choice of partner. What we are seeing today is a direct result of his mother’s death from when he was 12. We’re looking at a very traumatised little boy trapped in an adult’s body. ⁠

Because Prince Harry didn’t get the support he needed to heal when he was younger, his trauma has continued and it’s flared up so strongly now. From what I can see astrologically, his trauma is going to remain unresolved for a really long time. As much as he clearly has issues with his family, he’s suffering more from the estrangement with his family than he’s prepared to admit to himself. It’s going to take a while for Prince Harry to resolve his lingering trauma – the astrology suggests that he’s 30 years away from feeling free.⁠