The wellbeing of Meghan & Harry

Like so many of you, I watched the Meghan Markle & Prince Harry interview with Oprah on Monday night. But unlike most of you, I delivered a presentation 5 days earlier where I talked about Prince Harry. I used his birth chart to demonstrate the capability of a person, which you can recognise from an astrological perspective.

It was during this presentation that I talked about an upcoming major death around Prince Harry and how this would change him. At the time I speculated that it would probably be the Queen and this is certainly a possibility. But after watching the Oprah interview, my perspective has shifted.

I ultimately can’t predict the death of any particular person around Prince Harry, nor would I want to. But his wife has just publicly disclosed that she has experienced suicidal thoughts. This gives me tremendous reason for concern in consideration of what I can see astrologically.

I had a lot of empathy watching Meghan and Harry during the interview. Meghan showed the courage of her Leo Sun to participate in the interview in the first place. But she also showed the depression of Saturn in the area of her birth chart that talks about her mind and thoughts. Harry showed the trauma of his Sun in the area of his birth chart that talks about death – I can see astrologically that his mother’s death has shaped his identity. Harry also showed that it is through marriage he has found his family. I saw that one member of a dysfunctional family connected with another member of a different dysfunctional family and recognised why they resonated so strongly with each other.

I also noticed an alignment between myself and Meghan and Harry during the interview. I too lived within a toxic family environment. I too made several cries for help that were not heard. I too removed myself from an abusive situation. And I too have been attacked for breaking away from the aforementioned abusive situation and walking my own path. I’ve been walking this alternative path for 26 years and to this day I continue to be attacked by the people that were supposed to care about me all because I have a mind of my own and behave in a way that is different to how they want me to. This doesn’t make me a bad person. In fact, their actions verify I made the right decision by removing myself from such a toxic situation.

Meghan and Harry removing themselves from their own toxic situation doesn’t make them bad people either. They were well within their rights to remove themselves from an abusive situation and go elsewhere in the world and start again. And just because they are trying to build a new life for themselves in a different way to how we would doesn’t mean it’s wrong. It is not for us to judge them for their life decisions, especially when our continual judgement of these two people is making such a strong and dangerous impact on their wellbeing.

I am genuinely concerned for Meghan Markle. I believe that we all need to take a step back and give her and Harry a chance to heal and move forward in their lives. No matter what mistakes or conflicts Meghan may have experienced after marrying into the royal family, she doesn’t deserve to be dragged through the media on an ongoing basis. We need to give her a break for her own mental health. We, as humans, need to remember that she is human too.